Dan and Kieron Butch Dixon

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Title: Dan and Kieron Butch Dixon
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Description: Our 'almost' straight favourite Dan Johnson (aka Daniel Johnson) is back and he's still got a thing for the boys, so we threw sexy, floppy haired cutie Kieron Knight at him, like throwing meat into a lions cage. Kieron's a keen and talented cock sucker (that's on thing our 'straight-lad' Dan appreciates. Nobody sucks a cock like a man! Kieron sucks that juicy, uncircumcised meat to full, rigid attention, bobbing around like the mast of a ship. Dan can't wait to fuck the bejezus out of this handsome lad and quickly bends hi down for the kind of fucking, handsome hubby Kieron really likes, merciless, relentless. Dan pumps that juicy hole for all he's worth, ramming his steaming pork right up to the bollocks in Kieron's hot, tight hole and that little tyke is pushing back for more, taking the tool like man until Dan's just...about...to...blow! Original release date: May 14th, 2018.
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Added: 2018-08-11

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