Rough Trade Fuckers Butch Dixon

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Title: Rough Trade Fuckers Butch Dixon
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Description: Yum, Martin Mazza is back and you know what a total cock-hound this man-slut is, so we gave him not one but two oversized, uncut, dicks. Lets get this party started, you've seen Martin in sizzling action before, but this time its condoms off as our plucky fucker takes on Sebastian Reissx and Jose Santos, and sexy Martin is topping that sweet, sweaty hole, that's two big, uncut, dark dicks! Martin and the gents are on the bed, as their sub slut -- Jose sucks them to full rigid attention. One in his hot lips and one up his arse, Martin and Sebastian take it in turns, using their fuck-puppet and filling his hungry holes to capacity, stretching and pummeling as he moans and pushes back for more meat, more jizz up his holes. And oh so much dark, sexy foreskin, these rough trade fuckers certainly know how to please a cum dumpster! Original release date: June 27th, 2018.
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Added: 2018-08-11

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