Cock He Craves Japan Boyz

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Title: Cock He Craves Japan Boyz
Description: Bleach-haired trendy Reiji and bespectacled schoolboy Hideaki smile and giggle shyly towards each other as they drink sodas on the couch. But Reiji knows something more refreshing than a cool drink, and moves in to kiss his new friend. Taking things in to the bed, they hastily tear down most of their clothes and Reiji strokes the already excited Hideaki. Getting naked, Hideaki gets a tasty mouthful of Reiji, who returns the favor by licking his balls and ass, then gently fingering his hole. Ass play makes Hideaki hard as a rock and we see how badly he wants his hip friends cock inside. With a condom and plenty of lube, Reiji easily plows in and gives his friend what hes hungry for. Hideaki rolls over and rides it hard, and soon the sensation drives him over the edge. He splatters cum all over Reijis chest. Then he moves down to suck him off. Reiji only needs a bit of stroking to spurt a hefty cum splash down his dick and onto his smooth flat belly. Original release date: July 23rd, 2018.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2018-09-16

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