Wakeup Fuck Japan Boyz

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Title: Wakeup Fuck Japan Boyz
Description: Hideaki is lying in bed still half-asleep when Khan comes in and greets him. pulls back the covers and climbs in. Hideaki's morning wood is happy to see his old friend, especially when Khan peels down his sweats and sports a beautiful big cock. He licks Hideaki's hairy butt while he strokes his dick, then moves up to get a mouthful. Hideaki rises to hands and knees for Khan to slide in a wet finger, his ass responding to every gentle stroke. He rolls over to his back with legs up and spread for Khan to press his cock in. Lean pale Khan lets his dick rest inside Hideaki's hot hole for a few moments then begins pumping. Hideaki groans with deep arousal. Khan turns onto his back with dick standing straight up, for Hideaki to position it against his hole and ride. Steadying himself with a hand on one thigh, Hideaki grinds down onto the hot horny pole and begins flicking his finger across Khan's nipple. They roll over and speed up, Khan thrusting in powerfully. Lying next to each other the sexy boys jack each others' cocks, with Khan looking ready to blow. A hot eruption blasts from his prick as Hideaki nibbles his nip. He rests a hand on Hideaki's thigh and licks his nipple as a juicy blast shoots out from his friend's thick cock. Original release date: November 12th, 2018.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2018-11-14

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