Greyson and Ernie Sean Cody

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Title: Greyson and Ernie Sean Cody
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Description: Ernie and Greyson make the perfect match with their fit and toned bodies. They lift some weights by the beach as they prepare to unleash their pent-up energy on each other in the bedroom. I'm a little nervous, says Greyson, because I don't know how big his cock will be. Might be way too big for me. There's only one way to find out.. Greyson slips his hand up Ernie's shorts and discovers the truth; Ya umm, it's a big one alright! Ernie smiles as he checks out Greyson, He's got a great ass, so this'll be fun. It's going to go extremely well. There's tons of chemistry between us, responds Greyson. Can we just go to the bedroom already? Asks Ernie. Featuring Ernie, Greyson. Original release date: March 14th, 2019.
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Added: 2019-03-14

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