Brick and Dom Badpuppy

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Title: Brick and Dom Badpuppy
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Description: Beefy Brick Moorewood was walking home when Dom Ully throws a snowball and hits him as he was coming around the corner of the building. Dom offers an apology and wipes the snow from Brick's jacket. Brick insists that Dom accompany him to his condo so that he can make amends for hitting him with the snow ball. It's not long after they walk in that Brick has Dom stripped to his underwear and the two are kissing on the bed. Dom lies back on the bed as Brick pulls out his incredibly thick cock; but, Dom is not deterred and he goes to work pleasing Brick's cock with his mouth and tongue. Brick takes his turn teasing Dom's cock and Dom has to fight back cumming as Brick attempts to suck him dry. After a 69 session which has Dom kneeling over Brick; Brick drives his plump piece of meat deep into Dom's ass and gets to work fucking his hole. Dom jumps on top of Brick, sits down on his thick cock and begins riding it up and down. Brick takes over the motion of the fucking and as he's working his cock in and out; Dom's rock hard cock bounces up and down over his huge balls. Dom rolls over; Brick comes in from the rear and starts fucking Dom all over again. Dom is working his cock as Brick is fucking and it's not long before Brick cannot hold it in anymore and he blows a load of jizz onto Dom's ass and it drips down to the bed. Dom, who is now totally excited, has both of his balls go right up inside him as his long, thick dick spurts cum all over his tummy and chest. Original release date: January 24th, 2017.
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Added: 2019-04-18

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