Johannes and Elliott Badpuppy

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Title: Johannes and Elliott Badpuppy
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Description: Elliott Holloman (aka Franta Tucny) is watching television when Johannes Lars walks in and sits down on the sofa next to him. Johannes reaches over, feels the bulge in Elliott's jeans, and wonders why Elliott's cock is so hard. Our two young studs begin kissing, and Johannes continues to play with Elliott's dick, unbuttoning his pants so that his cock can be free. They strip out of their clothes. Johannes moves directly to swallow Elliott's rock-hard cock which, by this time, is standing straight up, looking for some attention. Elliott motions for Johannes to lie back on the sofa; and, he moves to where he can get his mouth around Johannes' thick, uncut piece of meat. The hot, mutual cock-sucking gives way to Johannes on top of Elliot, legs spread and slowly easing himself down on Elliot's cock. Johannes grabs his own cock with one hand; and, as he jerks it, he starts riding Elliott's dick, teasing the inside of his tight hole. In no time at all Johannes switches things up and is bent over the sofa with his ass in the air. Elliott moves in behind, shoves his cock back in and continues the pounding he was giving Johannes. They go at it long and hard with Johannes lying back on the sofa, his legs in the air. Elliott climbs in behind and continues to give Johannes a fucking he won't forget. It was so intense that Johannes could not hold back anymore; and, his thick load of jizz goes flying all over himself and the sofa. The sight of all that cum sends Elliott over the edge. He pulls his cock out of Johannes' ass and squirts his creamy load of cum onto Johannes' cock and stomach. Original release date: March 12th, 2018.
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Added: 2019-05-31

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