Wank Party 115 Part 1 William Higgins

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Title: Wank Party 115 Part 1 William Higgins
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Description: Wank Party 115 features Ivanek Ukara, Peto Mohac, Miska Sinak, and Jeremy Robbins. In this first part as they are sitting on the sofa and chatting. Jeremy explains that his girlfriend has sent a message to split up with him. As he seems a little upset the guys decide to cheer him up. They start to grab at him and Peto leans over to kiss him. Then Ivanek pulls Jeremy around so his can kiss him too, as Peto then kisses Misko. They all start to strip off, getting bare-chested as they continue kissing. Lots of kissing and groping happens and then Jeremy's shorts are pulled down as he sits on the back of the sofa. With Jeremy's big cock exposed Peto starts to suck on it as Ivanek leans over to suck and nibble the balls. Ivanek takes a Miska takes a quick turn at sucking on the hard cock and then gives way to Ivanek. He sucks it briefly before Peto takes over. Jeremy's cock is rock hard as they all enjoy him and his hot body. Misko kisses Jeremy's nipples as Peto and Ivanek continue working on the big cock. Then as Ivanek sucks Jeremy Peto helps Misko off with his shorts and takes hold of the exposed cock. He sucks on Misko's dick as Ivanek continues sucking Jeremy. Jeremy and Misko kiss each other as each has his cock in a hot mouth. Then Peto and Ivanek get naked too and they both sit on the back of the sofa to have their dicks sucked. Each is rock hard and Jeremy sucks Ivanek as Misko works on Peto's dick. They keep sucking on the rock hard dicks for a while. Then Misko and Ivanek lay on the sofa witih their legs over their heads. That makes asses available and Peto rims Misko's hot hole as Jeremy does the same to Ivanek. Featuring Ivanek Ukara (aka Ethan Wilder), Peto Mohac, Miska Sinak, Jeremy Robbins (aka Tyler Ross). From the web series: Wank Party 115. Original release date: November 20th, 2019.
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Added: 2019-12-04

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