Shower Seduction Men of Montreal

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Title: Shower Seduction Men of Montreal
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Description: Mateo is a hockey player who's just finished fucking his teammate hunky Tobias James. He's on his way to grab a shower to cool off. With those hot earlobe piercings and his sexy accent, this dude is one fine piece of Italian maleness. Wearing nothing but a white towel around his waist, he opens the bathroom door and unexpectedly comes face to face with his other teammate, Frenchman Kevin David, who's lounging in the tub. He apologizes for the intrusion and asks if he can use the shower. Kevin generously accepts, knowing that he will be able to check out his hunky teammate in all his glory. As this is exactly what plays out, an aroused Kevin can't help himself and he plays with his growing cock. Mateo notices just how big of a distraction he is for his teammate. As the two make eye contact, Mateo grins from ear to ear. The guys are checking each other out and jacking their respectively growing cocks. Steely blue eyed Mateo then turns off the water, slips out of the shower stall and heads over to join Kevin in the bath. As he reaches the tub, the two dudes start kissing. But Kevin wastes no time getting down on his knees to give his studly friend a gloriously deep blow job. The French dude's talented cock sucking skills are agreeing with Mateo as he joyfully laughs and moans in appreciation. His rock-hard prick is also a telling sign of the grip Kevin's skills have on him. Kevin shows no sign of slowing down. He's a talented marksman and clearly on top of his game. Yet, Mateo is now poised to show off his own talented cock sucking technique. As Kevin leans back on the tub's ledge, Mateo takes the Frenchman's stiff uncut pole into his mouth and makes love to its throbbing head and shaft. Kevin is on a cloud. The mood is intense. The two appear to be thoroughly enjoying this time together. But Kevin has other plans. He gets up and moves into a stance in front of Mateo, kneels to straddle tub and offers his hungry butthole to the sexy Italian stud. Forget the Latin lover idea, this is a savage fuck. Mateo takes Kevin's tight hole for a serious ride. Yet Kevin is ecstatic. He's begging for more at every push. And Mateo delivers in spades. Kevin's ass is getting the kind of pounding it's been aching for. As they move around into different positions, one thing is obvious... Mateo's dick is pounding with determination. Kevin then lies back gripping the tub on each side. Mateo's butt fucking continues and ultimately pushes his pal over the edge. Kevin's cock shoots his load all over his stomach. Then, Mateo gets up and readies to shoot his load of cum onto Kevin's cum-covered chest. His orgasm is so forceful that he overshoots the kid's chest, his jizz flying high above the kid's shoulder. This was one intense fuck session from two hot European studs. Now, Mateo can finally go back to bed. Featuring Kevin David, Mateo Sanchez. From the web series: The Hockey Tournament.
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Added: 2020-07-27

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