Petr and Robin William Higgins

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Title: Petr and Robin William Higgins
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Description: Petr Sunek is ready for a screentest. He is paired with Robin Tesarek. They sit on the bed as Petr answers a few questions about his experience. Then they begin kissing. Soon both guys are groping each other as they continue to kiss. As the pants are opened or lowered slightly they wank each other. Then Robin takes off his jeans and Petr goes down on his rock hard cock. Robin pushes Petr's head down onto the cock as it fills his mouth. Petr moans as he sucks and licks the stiff dick so well. Then Petr moves onto his knees and so that Robin can take a turn at sucking. Petr's dick is hard as Robin takes it into his mouth. Robin sucks on that cock, licking up and down the shaft too. Then they move to 69 with Petr on top. He sucks on Robin's cock as his own is worked too. Petr moves to the side and kisses Robin. Then Robin moves onto his knees and presents his hot ass for Petr to fuck. Petr's cock slides deep into the waiting hole and starts to fuck. He fucks that tight hole with long, deep, strokes. Robin takes it well, moaning as the fucking gets faster. His ass is given a slap too as Petr fucks his hole. Changing position they spoon as Petr's dick goes back into the eager hole. Robin wanks himself as Petr fucks him hard and fast. Robin's wanking gets faster until he shoots his hot cum with Petr's dick deep in his ass. Petr continues fucking that ass until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and wanks the cum from his cock, shooting it onto Robin's ass. Then they kiss again to end a very good screentest. Featuring Petr Sunek (aka Zist Stevens), Robin Tesarek. Original release date: July 18th, 2020.
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Added: 2020-07-27

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