Jake Surf Sean Cody

Title: Jake Surf Sean Cody
Description: Join Jake in his bathroom and admire his perfect physique as he slowly pulls down his towel to display his round ass and cute tan lines. Jake strokes his length through the towel until it's nice and hard, then shows off his body as he fucks a stroker before jacking his erection with his hands. In the shower, Jake lets the water run down his body as he toys with a dildo suction-cupped to the wall, letting you imagine what his mouth feels like as he closes his lips around it. Then this strong and silent hunk dries off and gives you an up-close look at his hole before settling in for not one but two cumshots! Featuring Jake Surf. Original release date: July 24th, 2020.
Category: Sean Cody
Added: 2020-07-27

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