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Title: Tough Competition AEBN
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Description: Kyle Carrington, in his premiere performance, is America's brightest hope for the 400-meter freestyle swimming competition in the World Sports Games. He wins the gold, and that's not all this hot swimmer receives. From the pool to the locker room, Kyle quickly learns that everybody loves a winner. Just as the roar of the crowd begins to fade, the steamy adulation begins, as a famous sportscaster, Kyle's teammates, and even strangers in a parking lot admire his enormous talent. Gold medal performances are nothing new to this all-American cast. This film was produced by Bijou Gay Classics. Featuring Kyle Carrington, Doug Weston, Rydar Hanson, Mark Jennings, Joey Roma, David Leslie, Jeffrey Lanse, Scott Avery, Jim Bentley.
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Added: 2020-07-27

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