The Rent Man Part 1 G Dude

Title: The Rent Man Part 1 G Dude
Description: As part of my job I (Duncan Ku, aka Gunryu) travel around Asia in my business suit and sometimes feel bored in my hotel rooms. That's why I am thankful for a special kind of "room service" we can get in Asia! I called up four sexy boys, and I agreed they didn't have to show their face but they did have to all give me their dicks! I was so horny after work and travel that I wanted to get fucked badly and take all the dicks I could handle! I can tell you my ass was sore for days after living out my fantasy. Hopefully you can enjoy them as much as I did! From the web series: The Rent Man. Original release date: September 21st, 2020.
Category: G Dude
Added: 2020-10-06

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