Bushy Pits by the Pool Pits and Pubes

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Title: Bushy Pits by the Pool Pits and Pubes
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Description: Shaggy twink, Tyler Hancock is sitting by the pool when the tatted hairy stud of a pool boy, Jake Jammer, grabs his attention. Jake is working and minding his own business but Tyler can't concentrate on his magazine with Jake around. Tyler starts rubbing his bulging swimming suit, clearly wanting to get Jake's attention. The ploy works, and Jake makes his way around the pool and over to Tyler before he takes off his shirt and and pulls down his pants to reveal a forest of thick black pubes. The sight of all that crotch hair makes Tyler even harder and unable to control himself any longer. He needs that big uncut hairy cock bad and nothing is go a stop him now. He reaches down and puts Jakes big dick in his mouth. It tastes salty and musky. After all, Jake has been working in the hot sun all day long and this is his last in a long string of pools for the day. Tyler relishes the taste and smell of his new man and eagerly gobbles it down his throat. Jake wants a piece of the action and goes down on the twink. Tyler's cock is thick and uncut and tapered at the tip. Jake goes balls deep, taking it all the way down his throat and forcing his nose deep into Tyler's patch of black curly hair covering the base of his cock. It feels good and they service each other well. Jake loves armpits and they do a sort of 69 style armpit lickin', gobbling up each others scents and hair while they lick and suck and swallow the goodies. The touch and feel of Tyler's silky skin and course pubic hair drives Jake crazy. He stands up, pounds his meat as hard and fast as he can and drops his thick white load all over Tyler's happy face. Tyler sucks up what he can, savoring the pent-up load, and gets himself ready to burst. Jake is sweating from all the hard work and doesn't want to miss a drop. He positions himself on top of Tyler's pubes with his mouth wide open. Tyler moans and shutters and then blasts his load of sperm all over Jake's face. Jake licks it up and lets some run down his his chin and onto Tyler's hairy crotch. They're both spent and they make out, relieved of the burden of their throbbing hard-ons! Original release date: August 26th, 2020.
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Added: 2020-10-06

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