The BJ Hut AlternaDudes

Title: The BJ Hut AlternaDudes
Description: Damian Dragon wants to show his buddy Jace the old hanky code. They want their dicks sucked so they throw their light blue hankies in their left back pockets and head out to the 'Blowjob Hut'. When they get there, they find Guy Criss already sucking off Christop's massive hard cock and Guy is happy to get as much dick as he can cram in his mouth. Jace and Damian join in and stuff Guy's throat so deep with dick that he coughs and gags with ropes of spit that run down onto his shirt. Guy even gets Christop's whole set of cock and balls in his mouth at the same time before all three hung dudes unleash a torrent of cum that leaves Guy's face, beard, hair and mouth full of buckets of creamy jizz. Original release date: August 27th, 2020.
Category: AlternaDudes
Added: 2020-10-06

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