Tatted Voyeur AlternaDudes

Title: Tatted Voyeur AlternaDudes
Description: As unsexy as it is, even Thrasher has to do his laundry in the basement of his apartment building. He's minding his own business putting his formerly dirty towels in the dryer when he hears some dudes coming down the steps. Thrasher makes a split second decision to ditch the dryer and hide under the steps to spy on whomever is thumping down the stairs. Much to Thrasher's good fortune, two hot rocker dudes appear and start making out. B Nefarious is tatted from head to toe and his asshole is aching for Rave's monster cock to slide inside. Thrasher is careful to stay in the shadows and they have no idea he's watching. As B gets on his knees and starts choking on Rave's big uncut cock, Thrasher starts rubbing himself and whips out his own dick. It's fucking hot watching B service such a big thick dick and no one would be able to resist the urge to pound one out while watching. Once B gets Rave hard as a rock, they move into a storage cage. B pulls down his pants and bends over to let Rave shove his big hard dick deep inside. B moans out. It's a big one - and it hurts. Rave has fucked enough tight asses to know that he needs to just keep pushing it in. Once Rave is balls deep, B is almost speechless. He rolls his eyes back in his head and opens his mouth but no sound will come out. Finally, he gasps, and from that point on, B can't contain the joy that he feels as Rave pumps away on the tight little ass in front of him. Thrasher is still watching from behind the steps. The scene unfolding before his eyes is too much to take and he blast his thick creamy load all over the dirty concrete. The second Thrasher is done, a moment of clarity hits him and he realizes he could get caught. He pulls up his pants, grabs his shirt, and makes a run for it up the stairs and out without a hint of being detected. Even if he was caught, B and Rave are so wrapped up in each other that they'd never know the difference. If only Thrasher knew what he missed next, he'd be kicking himself for not sticking around. Rave pulls his giant throbbing cock out of B's asshole and stands B up to face him. B grabs both thick dicks and rubs them together to frot to the finish. The feel of Rave's dick sliding back and forth on his own cock and balls makes B explode all over Rave's hard shaft. Spurt after spurt of milky white fluid hits its mark and B gets down on his knees to lap up his own tasty jizz. While he's down there slurping up every last drop, Rave plunges his cock in B's face and dumps his load inside B's mouth. B is in heaven as Rave finishes up. B spits a little out, letting it run out of his mouth and dangle on his chin. B stands up and gives Rave a taste of the thick mix of both their semen. It tastes good and neither of them can get enough as they make out and swap cum in the dirty basement where anyone could come and see! Original release date: September 19th, 2020.
Category: AlternaDudes
Added: 2020-10-06

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