Thick Dick Rocker AlternaDudes

Title: Thick Dick Rocker AlternaDudes
Description: Joey is a real life rocker dude we found walking down the street. He's a drummer with long dark hair, a tight ski y body, and a super thick curvy dick. He's straight, but even straight guys like to show off their junk. He couldn't resist our offer to come in and pound one out for an audience. Joey starts out slow, rubbing the bulge in his black, ripped jeans. You can see the bulge getting bigger before he drops trou and rubs himself through his dingy boxers. He gives us a show as he massages the outline of his giant cock through his undies. We get a glimpse of his balls and shaft before he pulls his boxers down and gets to work pleasing himself. Joey works his thick curvy dick as he watches lesbian porn. He stares straight into the camera and flirts as he moans and strokes his dick. Joey closes his eyes as he gets ready to drop his load and finally dumps his sperm all over his leg as it oozes and drips out of his throbbing tip! Joey takes a breath, cleans up and then takes a piss. Original release date: September 19th, 2020.
Category: AlternaDudes
Added: 2020-10-06

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