Forbidden Feelings Himeros TV

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Title: Forbidden Feelings Himeros TV
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Description: Sex can put us into a deeply regressed state. The best sex can, at times, put us directly in conflict with our own preferred self-images. We strive to be good boys, but we secretly long to be bad. We thrill at the shedding of restraint and surrender to the Erotic that moves through us. In the heights of pleasure, we can regress to wrestling, bringing in the emotional world is essential to creating an authentic connection in sex. To leave our emotions out of sex is to operate without our capacity to generate meaning. Without our feelings, we are performing. When we integrate our true emotional states into the movements of our bodies, authenticity and expression are born. Even anger can be transformed into deep passion and connection. Featuring Angel Cruz, JP Dubois. Original release date: July 6th, 2020.
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