Blond Blowjob Cum Pig Men

Title: Blond Blowjob Cum Pig Men
Description: With hot shaggy blond Christop sprawled across the chair, his big cock swollen and ready to pop a load, Matthew Grande looks especially sexy with his golden blond bleachjob. But blowjobs beat bleachjobs any day, so Matthew goes to work with his talented tongue and wide open throat. Christop lies back with a dreamy look in his half-closed eyes, proof what a great cocksucker is working his magic between the shaggy stud's legs. Rolling a nut in his mouth, Matthew reaches up to stroke Christop's stiff woody. Matthew's no slouch in the well-hung department himself, and his own cock is rockhard and standing up. He gets off his knees and the two hung horndogs beat their cocks together before Christop gets down to get a juicy mouthful of his own. Back in the easy chair, Christop hikes up his black tank top to give Matthew a clear shot at his XXL package. Matthew catches his breath and beats off Christop's slobbery cock for a moment. Christop takes hold of his stiffy and works it to the point of blastoff. With Grande sucking his lowhangers, Christop splatters the hot cocksucker's face with a sticky splash. Original release date: September 1st, 2021.
Category: Cum Pig Men
Added: 2021-09-12

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