Poolside Fixup Colby Knox

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Title: Poolside Fixup Colby Knox
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Description: In this week's Colby Knox video, British hottie Drew Dixon plays a repairman. He's working on the hot tub by the pool. "This is fucked," he says to Colby Chambers. "You have a leaky seal here." Colby laughs. "You're like the fourth guy we have had out to try to fix it." "The reality is you just need to replace the whole thing,” Drew suggests. Colby isn't ready for that. Yet. "If there's anything you can try today, give it a try,” Colby says. “If not, no big deal. We'll have you guys come back out and replace it if we need to." Colby walks to the pool and Drew returns to work. The way Colby shows off his swimming gear it's clear he's into Drew. The repairman, however, is busy. He's not even paying attention when Colby shows a little ass. Colby turns around, the trunks can contain his large piece. Colby strokes himself, looking right in Drew's direction. Alas, nothing. Drew keeps working. His boss should give him a raise for being so diligent. Colby shows all his meat. Swings it and his arms. Nothing. Finally, he walks over. His engorged penis leading the way. "Hey. I've been trying to get your attention for the last 10 minutes," Colby says. Drew looks up. "You should have said," he replies. "Come on. Take a break," Colby instructs. "You're the boss," Drew answers. He gets up and the studs make out. Colby rips Drew's shirt. "Suck my cock for me," Colby commands. Drew gets on his knees and opens wide. He grabs Colby's nuts, slurping on the shaft. "Fuck, it's good," Drew says looking up at Colby's. Colby face fucks Drew; he gags and gurgles, loving every inch down his gullet. "Suck my cock,” Colby orders. "Fucking gag on it." Drew's throat needs a rest, so he presents his ass to Colby. Colby eats that boy hole, slapping a butt cheek. "Yes, baby,” Drew moans. “Feels good. Spit on that ass." Colby makes that hole wet and slick. When he stands up, he puts spit on his dick head. Colby slowly parts Drew's cheeks apart. Once the repairman is used to the thickness, Colby picks up the fucking speed. "Screw your tight fucking butt," Colby mutters. The pounding is furious and to the balls. "Your cock is good," Drew sighs. The afternoon tryst moves to the pool. This time Drew is on his back. "Fuck that hole," he says. Colby maneuvers Drew so his knees are parallel to his chest. "That's good. Fuck my hole," Drew whispers. "Lay you out on my pool deck and turn you out," Colby says. Both studs are so close to coming. Drew pops first, his juice landing on his stomach. "Fuck, yeah. That's so hot," Colby says. He cleans up the cum with his fingers, feeding Drew. "Taste so good," he says. It's Colby's turn to nut so the repairman gets on all fours. "I'm going to fucking flood your guts with cum," Colby informs as he returns to Drew's hole. “I've been edging all fucking morning." The ramming continues. "Stretch that asshole," Drew groans. "You're so fucking deep. Pound that hole." When Colby cums he doesn't pull out. "Fucking fucking you," he utters. When he finally pulls out a plentiful cum deposit bubbles out, coating Drew's hole and balls. "Sounds like you need a pool boy,” Drew says as Colby falls back in the pool. He might. But for now Colby and Drew got what they needed. What about you? Featuring Drew Dixon, Colby Chambers. Original release date: September 8th, 2021.
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Added: 2021-09-12

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