Austin and Ari Cocky Boys

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Title: Austin and Ari Cocky Boys
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Description: In the premiere of the new series "Catch and Release", Austin Wolf has gone fishin' and he's made a big catch: newcomer Ari Avanti! in his pro porn debut, Ari spots and cruises Austin fishing by the lake, and when the muscle giant leaves, Ari takes the tantalizing bait and follows him from a distance unsure of Austin's interest as gets in his truck. But, Austin sends a couple of signals to Ari and reels him in. Ari can hardly contain his joy when he opens up the passenger door and sees Austin behind the wheel stroking his cock. Ari gets in but instinctively knowing Austin is in control, waits for him to make the move--which he does by pulling Ari over to suck him. Ari wastes no time sensually sucking Austin all the way to his throat and Austin rewards his effective efforts with occasional kisses and ass play. Austin soon takes Ari out of the truck, leans him up against it, strips off half of his clothes, and puts him to his knees. Austin feeds him cock and Ari continues to suck every inch with drool dribbling forth the deep he takes him Ari accentuates the pleasure for Austin by reaching up to feel up his meaty pecs and tweaking his sensitive nipples. This leads Austin to bend over Ari in top the truck so he can eat his ass and fuck him. Ari is quiet no longer as Austin pounds him doggy-style, stands him up to drill him from behind, and manhandle him. Ari in ecstasy, enjoying Austin's commanding style and fucking himself on Austin's cock. Austin flips Ari on his back in the car and derives pleasure pounding him and watching him take it. Soon after stroking Ari's cock for him, Austin gets back in the car and has Ari ride him. Finally, Austin gets Ari to cum for him and he makes him quiver by playing with his sensitive cock head. Now ready to cum himself Austin gets Ari on his knees again and shoots a thick load all in his mouth. If this wasn't thrilling enough Ari suckles on Austin's cock to extend his intense orgasm. When Austin has calmed a bit, he takes Ari in his arms to kiss him affectionately. A summer day neither will soon forget. Featuring Austin Wolf, Ari Avanti. Original release date: August 26th, 2021.
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Added: 2021-10-12

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