Lap Dance Reno Gold

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Title: Lap Dance Reno Gold
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Description: This epic collaboration brings us back to the strip club for 28 minutes of hedonistic debauchery. Evan and I start off fully clothed spinning around the pole and doing a choreographed dance while slowly stripping down. The stage floods with money from customers the more me and Evan explore each other's bodies, encouraging our inner exhibitionist to take our dance further than ever before. We sweat and grind on each other getting completely naked I flip him on his stomach to grind my cock on his pink hole and luscious ass cheeks. He then flips me on my back to do the same while kissing my body all over. We decide to take out our sexual frustration on a customer in a lap dance room as we grind on him and talk dirty explaining exactly how we would want to fuck him. After our dance, we sit on the edge of the stage for the grand finale and stroke our own cocks until we explode cum everywhere. Featuring Reno Gold, Evan Peix.
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Added: 2021-10-26

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