Cory and Anteo Cocky Boys

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Title: Cory and Anteo Cocky Boys
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Description: Sexy French boy Anteo Chara makes his porn debut at Cocky Boys and it begins in a romantic encounter with Cory Kane. Cory and Anteo have a chance meeting in a park and spend the day together taking nature photos before Cory invites him home. Thanks to a power outage there are no distractions, just a fire in the hearth where they sit, kiss, and get naked. When Cory starts sucking Anteo he quickly triggers his lively sexual side. A vocal Anteo thrusts his cock into Cory's mouth and every inch of his taut lean-muscled body reacts to Cory's touch. He's happily eager to suck Cory right back and excitedly grinds against him as they stand and Cory fingers Anteo. And when Cory picks him up and lies him back to rim him and work his tight hole more Anteo is a sexual live wire. Cory starts fucking him and Anteo continues to react vividly with every thrust of Cory's cock. When Anteo gets his chance to ride his cock he approaches an ecstatic state of sexual pleasure that inspires Cory to keep up the stamina-testing momentum. He takes Anteo from behind and returns to pounding him on his back. Fucking him is so hot for Cory that he can't hold back and shoots his load over Anteo, who isn't far behind. As Cory plays with his nipples Anteo cums over himself in an intense orgasmic high from which he slowly descends. As they lie together the lights come back and little does the electric company know that inside there was no power shortage. Featuring Cory Kane, Anteo Chara. Original release date: July 26th, 2019.
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Added: 2021-11-23

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