Michel Rudin and Ricky Hingston at World of Men

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Title: Michel Rudin and Ricky Hingston at World of Men
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Description: Jack and his Italian friend Michel are having a drink in Vauxhall, the hard core gay area of London. Jack spots Ricky (a guy that he met a few weeks before and convinced to have a wank for him and his camera) walking down the road, he calls him over, invite him to join their table and Michel goes to get him a drink. Ricky is obviously horny as hell and starts inquiring about Michel. Michel comes back and it quickly becomes apparent that both men want to fuck each other. Jack, being the terrible perv that he is, grabs the bull by the horn and offers the men a place to scratch their itch. Ricky and Michel are all over each other, swapping cock sucking with rimming, kissing and a very nice 69. Michel wants to feel Ricky's pink English bud around his dark shaft and pulls him up, pushes him against the wall and fucks him from behind. Hard. He then pushes Ricky back on the bed and fucks the cum out of the man! He pulls out and straddles him pointing his cock at Ricky's hungry mouth. He shoots all over the Englishman's face and mouth.
Category: World of Men
Added: 2013-02-01

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