More Damien Day at Foot Woody

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Title: More Damien Day at Foot Woody
Description: Everyone's favorite nerdy twink is back for a new video and his meaty size 11 bare soles and big curvy cock have never looked better! This is gonna be good. Damien props his feet up on the table and stretches his toes inside his sweaty white socks. His cock is already hard in his pants but he takes his time as he teases the camera with his big and beautiful male feet. He pulls off his socks and flexes his beautiful bare soles as he gives his out his massive cock a couple of loving strokes. Slowly pleasing his rigid pole as he lets the camera have its way with his beautiful bare feet. He shutters as he squirts a thick load of cum all over his belly then collapses on the couch as he slowly pets one foot against the other and shows off every inch of his smooth bare soles. Fucking beautiful!
Category: Foot Woody
Added: 2013-07-01

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