Liam Woods at Foot Woody

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Title: Liam Woods at Foot Woody
Description: Liam doesn't mind a little foot play. I dunno, I never really thought about it. I guess I wouldn't mind if a dude was sucking on my toes as long as that's not all he was sucking on! This handsome but nerdy young man pulls out his rock hard uncut cock then and shoves his size 10 bare feet right up in the camera with an evil little grin on his face. He works his beautiful pecker while he shows off his wrinkled bare soles and long toes then splatters the glass table with a huge load of cum. He sits back down and smears his beautiful feet around in his swirly white jizz then holds his shiney soles up for inspection. Nice!
Category: Foot Woody
Added: 2013-07-01

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