Ben Kieran Cellar Preview at Manifest Men

Title: Ben Kieran Cellar Preview at Manifest Men
Description: This week we've got another new video for you at Manifest Men featuring our super-hot exclusive model Ben Kieren. Titled Ben Kieren: Cellar it was shot--where else?---in the cellar of the Manifest loft. It turned out to be the perfect spot for a different location shoot-- a cool, dark environment that really highlights some of the most spectacular set of muscles anywhere. Ben Kieren is an electrician in this muscle fantasy and since he's alone he decides to do a little self-muscle worship. When Ben feels up his flexed arms you can really see how hard and defined his muscles are and when he runs his fingers through his chest hair you'll likely wish they were your hands. All the action here takes place on a ladder so when Ben strips and gets naked and jacks off for you it's as though he's up on a pedestal. Again we couldn't be more happy to have Ben Kieren as an exclusive and we bet you are too.
Category: Manifest Men
Added: 2010-03-28

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