Collin ONeal and Mario Acosta at World of Men

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Title: Collin ONeal and Mario Acosta at World of Men
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Description: I met Mario via the i-phone application GRINDR a few weeks ago; he liked my look and I liked his sexy masculine boyish face. He subsequently sent me pics of himself naked and I really didn't believe it, so I insisted he come over. Mario walked up with loose underwear and white shorts (just like the scene) with his HUGE dick flopping around. He also requested that I wear something similar so both our big dicks flopped around together. Mario was so turned on that his HUGE cock went nearly straight up. Since I really liked the way we first met I decided to reenact our first meeting for this scene well, everything except the way we had sex. Maybe next time I can reenact how I allowed this hot Cuban try to fit every inch into my ass!
Category: World of Men
Added: 2011-02-24

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