I Quit Men At Play

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Title: I Quit Men At Play
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Description: This week's movie is a return to the early days of Men At Play, with all the ingredients to make it a 'suit classic'. On one side we have newcomer Justin Harris, who is the spoilt pretty boy with way too much money, and no manners. And on the other we have MAP favourite Neil Stevens as the subservient butler who has to endure Justin's constant abuse of power, but how much is he willing to take? Sure he humbly obeys when a bored Justin spills his wine glass all of the floor and tells him to wipe it up. Even when Justin pours his yoghurt on his shoe and asks Neil to lick it till its shiny he doesn't complain. He even grins and bears it when Justin spoons some yoghurt on his crotch and orders him to lick it clean, and then suck his hardening cock. But when he makes Neil lick the yoghurt off his asshole, its just one joke too far and Neil decides to quit but not before giving the spoiled brat the fucking of his life and shooting his load all over him.
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Added: 2013-12-02

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