My Straight Cousin at UK Naked Men

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Title: My Straight Cousin at UK Naked Men
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Description: I love visiting my straight cousin. About once a month he will invite me to go out drinking with all his mates and I always end up getting really drunk, missing my last train home and sleeping over. There is only one bed, but he does not mind sharing it... Of course in the morning I wake up really horny and ... well hes kinda cute, so I cant resist having a play... He lies there sleeping while I work on his big uncut cock, chewing on his delicious foreskin and taking the whole throbbing length down my throat. Then this one time I get a little bolder and climb right on top. I feel his thick length inside me and begin to ride him gently. Next thing I know, hes flipped me over and hes riding my arse, sliding in an out like a piston, then after a few minutes he rolls off and collapses onto his back! Maybe hes had second thoughts, maybe hes embarrassed about going too far? I do not know, but do I know there is no way Im stopping there, so I climb right back on top and ride his big cock til I am shooting a hot stream of cum over his belly. When Ive had my fun I hit the shower, leaving him to finish himself off. Well he does not need me there does he? Hes straight, right?
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Added: 2009-06-29

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