Beefy Daddy Repairman Clip Alpha Male Fuckers

Title: Beefy Daddy Repairman Clip Alpha Male Fuckers
Description: Lee is sent to fix some shelves in one of the offices, an easy enough job, he'd be in and out in 10 minutes, if he hadn't found a couple of porn mags stashed on the top shelf. He sits down on the couch and leafs through them, his cock starting to stir. He pulls his cock out of his overalls and works it slowly, fixed on the pages. His cock stiffens and commands a harder handling; he pulls his overalls down to his ankles and works his shaft and balls, playing with the precum that is oozing out until he shoots a thick load on himself. Lee Solo Lee, The Beefy Daddy Repairman.
Added: 2014-01-16

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