Mndez Twin Fuck Staxus

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Title: Mndez Twin Fuck Staxus
Description: Some bastards have all the luck and Zsolt XL must be one of them. How else can you explain why this muscled, cropped-haired daddy got the chance to bed a pair of over-sexed twins in the shape of Romeo and Enzo Mendez? In fairness, however, when you're a slut like Zsolt, who seems quite willing and eager to do pretty much anything in bed for an extra ten quid, you're obviously going to attract the attention of the guys who make decisions of casting a hint there for anyone thinking of a late entrance to the biz! But it's clear from the off that the fun-loving siblings have taken a natural shine to their older companion, and having allowed the hunk to suck both their dicks, they feverishly take turns at fucking the fellow's ass. And what an ass it is a real fine bubble-butt that's as hungry as they come! Little wonder that the brothers are soon hyped up enough to replace their dicks with their hands, as they brutally fist the horny dude for all that he's worth, culminating in a double-fisted bonanza that really does have to be seen to be believed. No question about it, Zsolt is one fuck of a Hungarian bitch, and it comes as little surprise when he wraps up proceedings by allowing both the lads to wank themselves off above his face. The result is a mega-sticky frenzy of pent-up goo dripping from the daddy's all-too-obviously satisfied face! Original Title: Older hungarian hunk gets fucked, fisted and jizzed by the Mendez twin.
Category: Staxus
Added: 2014-09-07

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