Rob Jackson Hard Brit Lads

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Title: Rob Jackson Hard Brit Lads
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Description: Rob describes himself as mostly str8, with a bi curious streak. lucky for us. A striking, handsome lad, Rob has a strong, naturally athletic body, tight six pack and great pecs, slightly hairy chest, quite manly for his 19 years. Biggest and hottest surprise of all is his seriously thick uncut meaty dick. Stripping out of his sports kit, he pulls out his semi hard cock, sporting dark, bushy untrimmed pubes, and gives us some hot foreskin play as we watch it get thicker and thicker as it stiffens. He rubs a hefty dollop of spit into it, making it throb, and continues rubbing more spit in throughout the solo, keeping his cock dripping wet, the veins on it popping out. He jerks off slow, giving us hands free action, and plenty of foreskin play too, standing over us, showing his impressive girth. Loads of big throbbing fat wet dick close ups for all girth lovers. Moving to the sofa he expertly drops another load of drool onto his meat and rubs it in, as he continues the slow and very hot cock play, with plenty of sexy looks into camera. After tons of very horny action (its a long solo because there is so much great stuff) he speeds up a little, and then his cock starts pumping out jet after jet of hot jizz onto his chest and pecs. He cums ALOT, all shown in horny slow motion. Sensational. Original Title: Rob Jackson
Category: Hard Brit Lads
Added: 2014-10-10

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