Parker Marx UK Naked Men

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Title: Parker Marx UK Naked Men
Description: His first time on a gay website and I hope you'll be seeing much more of this 70% straight, bi-guy hottie. He's 33 years old and adventurous, just starting to explore his boy-on-boy side, we'll help where we can! This handsome-as-the-summer-day-is-long hottie is Parker Marx, great body, beautiful face, kissable lips and enough stubble for a healthy amount of kissing friction. While we're on this tour of Parker, do pause at those delicious, pale buttocks, dontcha wanna bite them, gently now! And yes that is a cut cock, but such a big, fat, juicy beauty, we let it slip through our strict 'foreskin-only' net, but only if he promised to show off and finger his virginal boy-hole, which he did with gusto, I don't think he'll be an anal virgin much longer. Sit back and watch this sexy cutie, strip off share a few secrets and confessions and wank out a creamy load all over that gorgeous body.
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Added: 2016-02-22

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