About Us

The CockSucker Family of Sites are free online websites devoted to providing gay adult information. All of our photos, videos, and other promoational materials are provided by their respective producers. All content on CockSuckersGuide and CockSuckerVideos is fully legal.

CockSuckerVideos History

CockSuckerVideos was started using a “tube” script. While this script provided a structure for the original site, it wasn't perfect. The script had lots of little features that never worked quite right. Additionally, the Members function never worked. To fix all of this, the site was redesigned from scratch.

  • Streamlined New Look
  • Direct Connect to Sites for Quicker Streaming Video
  • Improved Search Functionality
  • Easy Reporting of Video Errors


Latest Update: The server for CockSuckerVideos was updated in March 2014.