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Give Me Your Body French Twinks

Give Me Your Body French Twinks

To welcome our newbie Bastien Leray, our lovely Paul Delay offers him a relaxing massage. Paul's soft hands glide over Bastien's smooth body and touch every part of his anatomy. When Paul returns Bastien on the back to massage his belly, he takes the opportunity to caress his crotch and the bump in the underwear of Bastien visibly grows. Bastien's breathing accelerates and his erection is impossible to hide. Paul then removes Bastien's underwear and gets naked also to continue his body to body massage, before being carried away by desire and slip his mouth to the huge cock of Bastien. Paul sucks Bastien with incredible devotion and the twink moans with pleasure. It's then in sixty-nine that the two boys continue to raise the excitement, Bastien fingering and eating Paul's little ass while he swallows his cock and licks his balls. The 8.6 inches of Bastien are ready to explode and Paul is waiting to taste it. The beautiful stallion then pushes his cock in Paul's ass and starts to fuck him. Nothing can stop him. During long minutes Paul get his ass pounded in different positions and the stamina of both boys is impressive. More Paul moans more Bastien accelerates the pace and he will fuck deeply the beautiful ephebe until to make him cum before coming to squirt in turn on his face and mouth. Featuring Paul Delay, Bastien Leray. Original release date: February 5th, 2018.
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  Title: Give Me Your Body French Twinks

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