Dillan and Manny Sean Cody

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Title: Dillan and Manny Sean Cody
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Description: Southern stud Dillan is gushing over dark and handsome Manny as they play Frisbee and talk about what they like about each other. The tall, lean and boyish hunk looks over at Manny smiling ear to ear. He's got like a super ripped body and a nice cute butt on him. He's got some nice hair and he's a pretty funny guy and I plan on stretching that butt hole out, says Dillan. He continues, Making some new space for someone else to move in. All I see is an invisible penis line right now! says Manny. I like his accent and he has a nice dick too; it doesn't hurt. After all that back and forth, they take it inside so Manny can get his ass rimmed and rammed. Featuring Dillan, Manny. Original release date: August 2nd, 2018.
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Added: 2018-08-02

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