Gerry and Micha Cazzo Club

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Title: Gerry and Micha Cazzo Club
Description: The two blonds Gerry and Micah are together only for a couple of days before they face in front of our camera. There are the same in that they are still very shy as they slowly each other undress. They kiss at first to release the inhibitions. Their desires win very quickly and Gerry is submissive on his knees to take care of Micha. His tongue on the shaft moves up and down and his spit greases his cock with plenty of fuck juice. To get him even hornier, Micha licks him until his cock is even harder. Now, Gerry fucks his ass. Micah pulls him apart and licks him. Then he shoves his cock deep into his ass until Gerry groans. The fuck hole is always wet from the Precum while Micah increases hardness and speed. His little slut is made now submissive. And while he repeatedly pushes him Gerry squirts his juice itself across over the hairless body. Featuring Gerry, Micha.
Category: Cazzo Club
Added: 2015-05-19

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