Alexx and Paco Cazzo Club

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Title: Alexx and Paco Cazzo Club
Description: Alexx Stier is one of the horniest bastards that's out there. Every day when he gets up in the morning he wants only one thing: the next blazing ass fuck. One of his favorite places to find the next willing fuck meat is the Zoo, where the hottest gay guys in the city go to pursue their passions. Sexy Brazilian Paco Pedraza is thinking the same thing as he strolls during his vacation through the Park. At the first glance between the two, everything is clear. Alexx pushes Paco down on his knees and shoves his killer cock in the sensual mouth that's just swallows it. As a reward he gets his ass licked. Time and again, Alexx circles greedy tongue through the hole of the magnificent ass. After this saliva-driving prelude they head to the apartment of Alexx where the hungry Brazilian will be fucked by his dominant partner according to all rules of the art. This is how it's done in Berlin. Featuring Alexx Stier, Paco Pedraza. Original release date: April 7th, 2016.
Category: Cazzo Club
Added: 2016-04-16

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