Double Dose Cum Club

Title: Double Dose Cum Club
Description: We have a fantastic facial update for you this week! Seth and Walker both get sucked off and swallowed by Aaron. Walker and Seth both drop their pants; we left in some footage of the guys joking around before Aaron moved in. Once Seth's hardon was in full effect you can see Walker checking out Seth's meat. It doesn't take long before Walker is fully hard and Aaron goes in and starts the sucking. Aaron begins on Walker by licking his nuts and legs before inserting his dick in his mouth. Walker is a huge fan of being licked and Aaron is always up for tonguing any part of Walker's hot, hairy body. Aaron gets to work on Seth's dick while stroking Walker. He moves from cock to cock making sure both Walker and Seth get a good servicing. During Walker's blowjob, he tells Aaron to suck on his balls. Aaron opens wide and sucks both balls into his mouth. Seth, seeing Walkers dick unattended, bends over and gets a taste of Walker's cock. At this point, Seth and Aaron both start to work on Walker's pole together. It's no secret that Aaron loves to lick ass and Walker loves to have his ass eaten out. So, Seth lifts Walker's leg so Aaron is better able to rim Walker's ass. Walker moans as Aaron's tongue touches his hole. Aaron drives his tongue as deep as it will go getting a really good taste. Walker gets on his knees, butt in the air and continues his rim session. Seth, seeing his chance to get his hole licked, pops his butt in the air for some tongue-to-ass time. Aaron moves from one tight butt to the other, licking and enjoying every moment with his face buried deep in the guys' cheeks. After the double rim job, both Seth and Walker were uber excited to blow their loads. Aaron goes back on his knees, working back and forth from one cock to the other. Both guys were really getting worked up watching each other as Aaron swallowed their dicks. At last, Walker and Seth were ready to paint Aaron's mug with their hot spunk. Aaron lays his head back, ready to take both loads! Walker and Seth slap their cocks on Aaron's face. Aaron sucks on Walker as Seth grabs Aaron's head and has him deep-throat Walker. Seth gets his cock in Aaron's mouth one last time before they both spray their nut. Walker works his cock, aiming for Aaron's face, when all of the sudden, he blows his hot load. Walker's cum lands first on Seth's cock before it drips into Aaron's mouth and face. Seth uses Walker's cum as lube and pumps out a healthy load for Aaron's mouth and face. Cum is everywhere! Aaron said it tasted so good. He even licked up some of the spillage off the leather sofa. Enjoy the cum shots from different camera angles and be sure to watch the slow-motion replay at the end. Featuring Walker, Seth Chase.
Category: Cum Club
Added: 2019-08-21

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