Thick Cock Thick Load Cum Club

Title: Thick Cock Thick Load Cum Club
Description: Colton contacted us about appearing in videos for Cum Club. He said he was packing a thick cock and usually shoots quite a large load. Aaron immediately knew Colton would be a great addition to the club. Colton arrives and meets Aaron and Seth for the first time. Aaron tells Seth about how Colton kind of bragged about his thick cock and big cum load. Enough said! Seth drops to his knees and within moments is gagging on Colton's thick meat. Seth sucks on Colton before getting face-fucked by this big ram-rod. Colton sits on the sofa and is so turned on by the thought of feeding his load to someone he just met, that he almost busts his nut right away. Thankfully he's able to hold back for a bit and lets Seth explore his sexy body. Fuck Colton is sexy! Sensing the semen is ready to flow, Seth positions himself directly over Colton's cock just in time to catch the first few spurts of jizz. Big wads of cum shoot right into his mouth. OMG! This it's so thick! Thick in a totally good and can't get enough way. Seth licks up and swallows the globs of cum that fell and dripped out of his mouth. He notices Colton's cock is still spurting a bit. Seth puts it back in his mouth and squeezes the shaft on the way out, making certain every last drop of semen that was in Colton's body, is now in his. Fuck that's hot! Bonus! Seth finds more delicious cum in Colton's pubes and some that collected on his nut sack and leg. Of course he slurps up all he could find. Now, there is literally nothing left. Colton is left squeaky clean and Seth is full of his cum. Featuring Colton, Seth Chase.
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Added: 2019-08-21

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