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Description: Meet 19-year-old Jacob. He's straight, very chill and very adorable. We rarely go out seeking models in public places. Guys almost always come to us looking to suck or fuck on video. So how we met Jacob was a little unusual for us. Just by chance, Jacob was introduced to us by a good friend one night out at dinner. Jacob asked a lot of questions and after Aaron explained the process, he was totally interested in getting a shoot going. This would be the first time he has ever been with another guy sexually. We filmed Jacob the very next day. Seth thought it might be nice to get Aaron sucking on Jacob's cock; for a hot blond on blond suck off! After the quick interview, Jacob gets down to business by stripping and stroking his cock. Once Jacob gets his dick puffy, Aaron goes in for some sucking. Jacob waists no time and starts stroking Aaron's hair. He tells Aaron that the deep-throating feels really, really good. Since Jacob had never had his hole tongue fucked, Aaron grabs legs and pull his butt front and center for some rimming. Jacob throws his head back as soon as Aaron's tongue hits his hole. Aaron goes back and forth from Jacob's rock hard cock to his butt hole. Jacob really likes the deep-throating so Aaron gives it all he's got and jams Jacob's hard pecker down his throat as far as he can. Aaron noticed that when he touched Jacob's butt, his cock throbbed even harder. A spanking was in order for this hot young cutie! Jacob just kept getting harder and harder as Aaron sucked. Aaron speeds up the sucking, knowing that Jacob was turned on by more aggressive sucking. Jacob then tells Aaron that he should go a little deeper. Aaron has this covered. Jacob then starts to pump Aaron's face and we get a nice glimpse of Jacob's pre-cum. Aaron tastes it and it gets the Cum Club good-taste seal-of-approval. Jacob then sits back and relaxes for some simultaneous stroke and suck action. Aaron then lightly strokes, sucks and teases Jacob's cock until he says that he's going to cum. Jacob hops to his feet and feeds Aaron his hot spunk! Jacob sprays his juice in Aaron's mouth; you get to see a lot of cum on Aaron's tongue; which he then swallows using Jacob's dick to push it down his throat. Featuring Jacob, Aaron French.
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Added: 2019-08-21

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