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Title: Slob That Knob Cum Club
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Description: We begin this blowjob with 20-year-old Trevor butt naked. Standing in the nude, he begins to stroke his fat 8-inch cock. When he's fully hard, Seth moves in for a taste of his hot throbbing cock. In no time his dick was solid as steel. Seth licks and plays with Trevor's balls which only makes him more turgid. Seth really enjoyed Trevor's extra hard, extra fat cock! Seth rubs his lips up and down Trevor's shaft eventually going for some deep-throat action. Trevor is really thick and truth be told, was just a bit too big and hard for Seth to take the whole thing all the way down his throat. So, it was time for some assistance via lube and some hot hand and mouth action on Trevor. After a really quick break, you get to witness Trevor's amazingly hot body in a full stretch. Seriously does this guys have any body fat? It's now time for Trevor to face fuck Seth's mouth for a bit just to see his hot ass pumping. Seth continues teasing Trevor with some hot tongue action to the tip of his cock. Trevor was close to shooting and Seth continues his hand/mouth action to get him to blow a hot load in his mouth. Seth bobs up and down on Trevor, sensing he is close to ejaculating. Finally, after much hard work on Seth's part, Trevor whispers that he's ready to cum. Seth positions himself to catch as much of the load in his mouth as possible. He kept waiting for the load to come but apparently, Trevor was a bit early with his indication. This happens two more times before Seth is rewarded with a warm load of Trevor's juice. Always wanting more and more cum, Seth makes sure to lick up every drop he could find including the droplets dangling from Trevor's hairy balls. He continues to squeeze the dick shaft licking up every drop of sweet man juice that oozed out. Featuring Trevor, Seth Chase.
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Added: 2019-08-21

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