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Description: It's not every day you meet someone and five minutes later you're giving them a blowjob and swallowing their load. Wait! Who are we kidding? That actually does happen around here (a lot)! Twenty-three-year-old, cum-sucker Talen, and nineteen-year-old straight boy Ashton, were both very quiet to start out and as expected, extremely nervous. Directly after the short interview, Talen gets right down to business sucking on Ashton's beautiful, big uncut cock. Ashton reacts immediately to the blowjob and in no time is hard as a rock. Talen takes off his pants and you get to see how much he's into sucking off Ashton as evidenced by his own hard dick. He was so horned up by having Ashton's beautiful uncut cock in his mouth that Talen was dripping pre-cum everywhere! Ashton fucks Talen's face in a couple of positions, giving him a real mouthful of his beautiful penis. Talen was stroking his cock all the way through the face fucking; it seemed to really turn him on. The guys change up again and Talen moves to the floor so he's eye-level with Ashton's throbbing cock. Ashton fucks away and gets close to letting his nut fly. Talen has his lips around Ashton's cock as Ashton pumps. After some furious thrusts, Ashton pulls out his cock and blows a hefty load on Talen's face! Ashton collects some of his warm load on his dick head and shoves it back in Talen's mouth. Talen wanted more and continues to clean off Ashton's dick, making sure all the fresh cum is drained and swallowed. That's what we like to see! That's what we like to do even more! Featuring Ashton, Talen.
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Added: 2019-08-21

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