Wank Party 2011 Number 7 at William Higgins

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Title: Wank Party 2011 Number 7 at William Higgins
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Description: Wank Party 2011 #7 features Pavol Zbynek, Ivan Cakovsky (aka John Parker), Honza Copak, Jan Pribyla and Sascha Borodin (aka Misha Akunin). Pavol, Ivan and Honza are walking by the lake and find Sascha and Jan Sunbathing on an air bed. They run into the water and tip them off, and the fun begins, the guys get naked and enjoy a good time laughing, joking, mock fighting and playing with a ball before they leave the water and walk back to where they are staying. Dropping their towels the guys start to get hard and soon Ivan is sucking Sascha while Jan sucks on Pavol's hard cock. Before long they switch and Ivan sucks on Honza and Sascha and Pavol gets to grips with Jan's dick. The guys move to another room for more sucking, this time with Ivan rimming Jan's ass. Pavol wants some too so he starts to rim Sascha as well, taking the opportunity to jam his thumb up his ass. Meanwhile Ivan is fingering Jan's ass, so we know that more is going to find its way in there soon. Our expectations are met swiftly as Ivan fucks Jan while Pavol fucks Sascha real deep. Then they switch with Pavol shoving his dick deep into Sascha, and Ivan doing the same to Jan, who also gets a mouthfull of Honza's rampant cock. Another change sees Honza sitting on Ivan's dick and Sascha fucking Jan, with Pavol waiting his turn to fuck Honza. Which he does very soon, doggy style. Then Honza sits on Ivan again and Pavol moves back to have another go at Jan's tight ass. All too soon the cumshots start to flow, with Pavol, Sascha and Ivan cumming in quick succession, all over Jan's face, and he dutifully sucks the dicks dry, before he also shoots a nice load and finally Honza drops his load over Jan's head to bring the scene to a wonderful ending.
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Added: 2013-02-03

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