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Adam Nivad Solo UK Hot Jocks
Adam is one of our exclusive jocks, you won't find him anywhere else. Born and raised in Manchester but from half Pakistani half Arabian decent. He's full of Northern english charm, fun and filth. A self confessed aggressive top he's got a thick dark dick to back it up. Broad, muscular, hairy in all the right places and with eyes deep and soulful we think Adam is gift....View Video
Adam Nivad and Riley Tess UK Hot Jocks
Pretty much does what it says on the tin! Adam has a big date tonight and takes himself to his regular barbers to make sure he's looking neat and tidy. Jonny has been cutting his hair for years so Adam tells him what he's up to. He's looking to get laid tonight and makes no secret of it! Adam waits patiently at the restaurant he's chosen until Riley arrives. There's s....View Video
Hard Discipline UK Hot Jocks
Manager Adam is well aware of Leo taking liberties with hotel guests. Jumping at any chance to take room service orders and get in their bedrooms! Adam plans to inflict his own special kind of punishment, a way to make Leo remember not to cross him again. He calls him into his office and confronts him point blank, telling him to get his dick out there and then. There'....View Video
Jock Inn UK Hot Jocks
When a rugby team descends on a quiet Yorkshire hotel, they check-in more than some kit bags! Best mates Darius and Diesel plan to make the most of their time away from the field and away from home. Featuirng Darius Ferdynand, Diesel OGreen, JP Dubois, Leo Domenico, Justin Blake, Adam Nivad.View Video
Buzzcocks UK Hot Jocks
Getting your hair cut means a lot to a man, it makes you feel confident, complete and ready to take on the world. Theres something about a regular visit to the barbers that keeps you in check, on top of your appearance and prepared for any action. Featuring Adam Nivad, Dave Circus (aka David Circus), Jace Tyler, Jake Kelvin, Jonny Kingdom, Kayden Gray, Riley Tess.View Video
The Informant UK Hot Jocks
We have a leak and he needs to be plugged! Inside man Josh Jackman is selling the companies secrets to the highest, biggest and most well built bidder. Featuring Adam Nivad, Josh Jackman. From the web series: Boss 2.View Video