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Flip Flop Mannequin Fuck Staxus
Inspired artistry - or just a rather warped, perverse fantasy? The idea of falling in love (or, in this case, lust) with a mannequin is not entirely new, but it sure as fuck stands this terrific scene out from the crowd. Indeed, we hazard a guess that there aren't too many porn vignettes that you've ever seen that begin with the protagonist - in this case Alex Masters....View Video
Stud Mechanics Fuck Staxus
We're not exactly sure if it's the result of a factory policy or if it's just the trend in the Czech Republic at the moment but there's no disguising the fact that both Zac Todd and Alex Masters are pretty much as smooth as the day they were born in this scene. From their oiled-down chests right to their hairless crotches, it's obvious that the razors have been hard a....View Video