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Lovers Antonio and Mario Kristen Bjorn
Description not available. Title: Lover's Lane #18: Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech.View Video
Dominated in the Shower 2 Hard Kinks
After losing a soccer match against a team from the UK, two Spanish players sneaks in the opposite locker room to put the team captain on all fours. It's time to show him who plays the goals. Featuring Antonio Miracle, Jace Tyler, Mario Domenech. Original Title: Dominated in the Shower 2View Video
Bullfight Edition Vol 2 Hard Kinks
It is always by a way of pain one arrives at pleasure. Be prepared to watch the most intense session ever made at Hard Kinks between 5 studs at Open Mind BCN. As every anniversary we are pleased to bring you a special edition of Bullfight. We've just started, thank you for these two years! Featuring Andrea Suarez, Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech, Robin Sanchez, Ruben ....View Video
Bad Teacher Hard Kinks
Two students are failed by their teacher and decide to take revenge giving him a lesson he'll never forget: Licking their feet and sneakers, writing humiliating phrases on the blackboard, or getting spitted in mouth, are some of the things he will have to do in order to learn who rules the class. Featuring Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech, Martin Mazza. Original Title:....View Video
The Creation Hard Kinks
Two scientists have created the perfect man: big, muscular, obedient and able to satisfy all their sexual desires. But the captors become victims when their creation decides to be the boss and put them on their knees. Featuring Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech, Rogan Richards. Original Title: The CreationView Video
Sleazy Pleasures Hard Kinks
Two horny lads are looking for a submissive to fuck. After choosing their victim they take him in the bar where they work to start an intense session of worship, spit, big cocks and testosterone. Featuring Antonio Miracle, Fabio Testino, Mario Domenech.View Video
Poker Kinks Hard Kinks
Three friends playing poker starts betting more and more humiliating actions for the loser. Prepare yourself for a session of dirty sex between muscle pig men full of testosterone. The loser obeys. Featuring Antonio Miracle, Macanao Torres, and Mario Domenech.View Video
Big Bro in Charge Hard Kinks
Mario has to spend Friday taking care of his little brother. To make things fun he calls his buddy and both decide to humiliate the young making him pass through all kinds of humiliations and degradations. Featuring Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech, Ruben Mastin.View Video
The Massage Hard Kinks
A massage after working out? Be careful because it could become a truly sexual experience if you put three muscled jocks together smeared in oil, horny and eager to suck cocks and fuck like beasts. Featuring Antonio Aguilera, Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech.View Video
The Shaving Hard Kinks
Antonio can't wait to be fucked by Julio and Mario, but these alpha males liked him smooth. Before using him as they please, they get their man toy ready with a nice clean shave. An intense session between real men. Featuring Antonio Miracle, Julio Rey, Mario Domenech.View Video
Afternoon Threesome Hard Kinks
Forty degrees in Madrid and feel like anything but being in the street, so bored at home, our guys decide to take off the heat by making a threesome of muscled males vs scaly in the Hard Kinks' pure style. Featuring Antonio Miracle, Izan Loren, Mario Domenech.View Video
Aday and Antonio Butch Dixon
We loved shooting with Aday Traun and couldn't wait to get him back to fuck the arse off another Spanish stud. Into the dungeon we go with stunning Antonio Miracle, primed and ready for action. Hairy, hung, horny-as-hell and eager to play. Adam's a rampant swarthy top with an oversized dick and big, low-slung balls, he hasn't cum in days so sexy Antonio is really gonn....View Video
Antonio and Angel Butch Dixon
We've been loving these two sexy guapos. Hairy, hung and horny as hell, so we couldn't wait to get them together for a no-holes barred fuckathon and this ones a humdinger. But of course there's lots of good, wet cock sucking and the ever considerate Antonio makes sure that tight hole is good and ready with spit lube and tongue probing in advance! Angel Garcia is such ....View Video
Hidden Cam StagHomme
This is without a doubt one of the hottest scenes we have at StagHomme. First time on StagHomme Spanish hunk Antonio Miracle hides a camera in his bedroom and invites his fuck buddy Xavi over. What follows is an incredible and real fuck with 100% genuine chemistry between the two. As if it's not enough Antonio takes out another camera and the two film some very intima....View Video
Lesson in Revenge Jalif Studio
Two students get an F by their teacher and decide to take revenge giving him a lesson he'll never forget: Licking their feet and sneakers, writing humiliating phrases on the blackboard, or getting spitted in the mouth, are some of the things he will have to do in order to learn who rule in class. Featuring Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech, Martin Mazza. Original releas....View Video
Smooth Respectability Men At Play
There are those of you out there that love the rough masculinity of a well-bearded man and those who prefer the smooth respectability of the clean shaven gentleman. So this week, as a pre-Christmas gift, we present Logan Moore in "Clean Cut". Not only do we get the hot bearded Logan looking stunning in full suit and tie, but this time he's tied up and foamed up and ge....View Video
Jace and Antonio with Mario Jalif Studio
After losing a soccer game against a team from the UK, two Spanish players sneak in the other team's locker room to put the captain on all fours. It's time to show him who's really the winner. Featuring Antonio Miracle, Jace Tyler, Mario Domenech. Original release date: March 24th, 2016.View Video
Antonio and Abraham Butch Dixon
Our favourite cum-dumpster cutie - Abraham Montenegro is back for more, and we always make sure this hot-hole-hunk leaves the set sopping, spunked and sated. Who better to put this cute, bearded lad through his paces than, broad, muscular and very, oh-so-very sexy Antonio Miracle, the devil himself couldn't have come up with a hotter, nastier coupling. Abraham drops t....View Video
Diego and Antonio Butch Dixon
The big, burly, hairy lads are cooking up a storm, all meat, cream and sweat based, but very lickable and suckable. Antonio Miracle just had to come back for more stiff cock, this time ably supplied but strapping, mean-looking fucker, Diego Senna, and its all served up steaming hot. Antonio looks stunning in just an apron, with just glimpses of hard butt cheeks and mu....View Video
Floor 69 Kristen Bjorn
There is a hot, exclusive party on Floor 69, Antonio Miracle, Rick De Silver and Juanjo Rodriguez have received their invitations. The men are all turned on by the others that they see in the hallway and enter the fashionable apartment where clothing is restricted. The clothing is hastily disregarded and the huge, throbbing cocks are revealed. Rick moves in and begins....View Video
Looking for a Light Kristen Bjorn
Ansony and Antonio Miracle are approached by James Castle looking for a light. After a few words of temptation James heads back to Antonio's apartment with his new found friends. The guys jump on the bed and strip away their sexy underwear revealing some mighty impressive uncut cocks. James drops to his knees and takes Ansony's massive mahogany cock deep into his mout....View Video
Bright and Beautiful Kristen Bjorn
On a bright and beautiful summer day in Barcelona three masculine men come together to indulge their desire for gluttonous sex. Antonio Miracle, Hugo Arenas and Alberto Esposito enter the room and immediately begin stripping away their clothes, each revealing his hefty piece of meat. Alberto has been salivating long enough and drops to his knees to worship his friend'....View Video
Beautiful Day Kristen Bjorn
Antonio Miracle and Letterio Amadeo are enjoying a beautiful autumn day when Viktor Rom passes by and catches their attention. He pauses, Letterio and Antonio give each other that glance that says "he's ours", but Viktor moves on. They catch up with him and convince him that his day would be better spent with them. All three men return to Antonio's apartment where eve....View Video
Casting Couch 347 Kristen Bjorn
Antonio Miracle and Alejandro Torres hook up and begin to explore each other, then the spark ignites and the world is transformed to wild and vivid pleasure and the color of the world comes to life. Antonio drops to his knees and begins to pleasure himself as well as Alejandro's colossal cock. Antonio forces this mammoth cock all the way down his throat and continues ....View Video
An Invitation Kristen Bjorn
Antonio Miracle invites Gabriel Lunna to his apartment and the two men immediately begin stripping away their clothes and freeing their straining cocks. Both men are impressed with each other's cocks, Gabriel with his rock solid shaft and blossoming mushroom head and Antonio with his hooded, strong, cylinder rod. Antonio drops to his knees and takes in the full length....View Video
Skyline Kristen Bjorn
Viewing the city from far atop the highest buildings can give you some of the most incredible views, as with everything the best views are always the most prized. Mario Domenech and Antonio Miracle invite Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittoria back to their flat after exchanging lured glances at each other. The couples divide and conquer the other with probing tongues, swin....View Video
Returning Home Kristen Bjorn
Antonio and Manuel return home and immediately begin seductively removing each other's clothing as the passionate kissing intensifies. Manuel is so excited by Antonio that he takes his cock deep into his mouth before they completely descend the stairway. Antonio and Manuel give us an incredible show of cock sucking as they appear to be suspended in thin air and the gl....View Video
Noticing Castle Kristen Bjorn
Antonio Miracle and Mario Domenech notice James Castle on the street and persuade him to join them at their place. James is more than eager to join the couple and they get horny and naked real fast. James takes Antonio's huge cock into his mouth as Mario sucks on James' hot cock. James and Mario move into a savage 69 as Antonio eats out James' pink hole. Mario moves i....View Video
Intense Rapport Kristen Bjorn
While out for drinks Antonio Miracle and Mario Domenech spot John Rodriguez and Rainer and decide to make it a wild night of sex. After shedding their clothes John begins swallowing Antonio's pulsating cock down his throat. Mario has shoved his huge cock down Rainer's hungry mouth with ease. Antonio takes John's head in both his hands and forces his cock deep into Joh....View Video
The Right Opportunity Raging Stallion
The streets of Madrid are filled with sly hustlers looking for the right opportunity. Super sexy Abraham Al Malek doesn't realize when his wallet falls to the ground. Antonio Miracle picks it up and pockets Abraham's cash, but money isn't the only thing he's after. When hunky Antonio returns the wallet, Abraham is so smitten that he doesn't even check for theft. They ....View Video
A Country Field Raging Stallion
In a country field, Martin Mazza and Antonio Miracle are stripped to the waist, engaged in a spirited round of play fighting. Gaining the upper hand, Martin grabs the front of Antonio's tight shorts and pulls them down, revealing Antonio's throbbing cock. They kiss passionately and beat it back to a secluded nook to get more serious. Undoing Antonio's fly, Martin reac....View Video
Nightfall Sex Kristen Bjorn
Antonio Miracle is home stroking his succulent cock waiting for his hot friends Hans Berlin and Lucas Fox to arrive. They all immediately begin stripping away the confinements of their clothing allowing their perfectly sculpted, muscular bodies to be exposed to the pleasures to come. Hans stands on the table while Lucas engulfs that hot cock into his moist mouth as An....View Video
Horny Trio Kristen Bjorn
After a wild night at the clubs Gabriel Lunna invites Antonio Miracle and Vasily Mevas back to his hotel room. Antonio and Gabriel unleash their huge, uncut cocks and Vasily instantly drops to his knees and begins working over both cocks with his hungry mouth. Vasily impresses the guys by taking both of their hot cocks into his mouth at the same time. Moving to the be....View Video
Men in the City 2 AEBN
The city is filled with horny men looking for sex. Come see 12 of the world's sexiest men in 5 red-hot encounters you won't soon forget! This Kristen Bjorn scene features Rainer, Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech, John Rodriguez.View Video
Hard Labour Behind the Scenes Alpha Male Fuckers
Welcome to the world of muscled workmen in a workshop stuffed full of giant dicks, hungry butts and sweat soaked musclemen all out to get their jobs done! Rammed full of exciting interviews, trade secrets and behind the scenes action, it's an up close and personal look at the Alpha Males in hardcore action, as well as a real insight into the goings on when the gorgeou....View Video
Working with Wood Alpha Male Fuckers
Ruggedly handsome Antonio Miracle takes on all the hardest jobs, and colleague Jason Domino sits back and watches his workmate getting to grips with a joist. We all know where his mind is actually wandering too, and when Antonio asks for help, Jason pops open his uniform and shows him another piece of wood he can work on instead! Looking around shyly, Antonio is keen ....View Video
Army Fucking Behind the Scenes Bulldog Pit
Careful not to slip around on the sweat, spit and spunk as you're invited behind the scenes on Bulldog Raw's latest cum party at the Barracks. Catch up with recruits such as Nathan Hope, Skikes, AJ Alexander, and Spanish Stud Antonio Miracle as they give exclusive interviews and let you in on insider information you can only watch right here! Featuring giant dicks, ha....View Video
Spit and Sweat Bulldog Pit
Handsome Scottish soldier AJ Alexander may tell his girlfriend he loves her, but when he's actually eyeing up his bunkmate working up a sweat as he exercises, his mind is obviously on the growing bulge than on pussy! Dark haired muscle man Antonio Miracle clearly catches him spying on his buff, sweaty torso and decides to make the most of it, swallowing dick like a st....View Video