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Free Groceries Maskurbate
Our cameraman is always on the lookout for new potential talents. This time, he encountered young Marty as he was leaving the grocery store. We gently offered him money so we could have a look at his young muscular body. After a few minutes of negotiation, he agreed as long as he wore the mask. So they went to our storage garage nearby and started taking pictures. The....View Video
The Horny Client Maskurbate
This week, our muscled newcomer Marty was in the hands of sexy Nick Vargas for a massage session that took an unexpected turn. Bisexual Nick has many skills, not only is he a great stripper, he also gives relaxing massages to athletes. It often happens that his clients get an erection during the process, which is very normal. But Nick rarely had a client like Marty, s....View Video
Overtime Bromo
Big boss Rob Blond needs an employee who is willing to go above and beyond and Rudy Valentino is eager to please. Rob knows exactly how to get his subordinate's ass ready for his cock. Looks like Rudy and Rob are a perfect match! When you see them blow their loads all over the office you'll know: this is what Overtime looks like. Featuring Rudy Valentino, Rob Blond (a....View Video
Ripped Runner Staxus
Is it really any surprise that Ezra Gibson appears unable to sit down and relax? Why, the boy's quite literally little more than a bundle of nervous excitement -- and when you realise that he's waiting for hunky new guy, Boris Lang, to get back from his run in the country you begin to understand his predicament. After all, who wouldn't find their emotions churned up a....View Video
Cute Recruit Staxus
It's a formula that's almost as old as porn itself, but there's still no denying that the notion of a medical inspection that turns into something way more intimate and probing than would ever be the case in reality still holds real traction -- not least of all when the characters involved are as utterly desirable as Johnathan Strake and Boris Lang. Add in the militar....View Video
Take His Cherry Staxus
Being the lifeguard on duty when there's only one person in the water isn't the most taxing of jobs, so it's perhaps not too surprising that hunky Boris Lang's mind begins to wander at the start of this encounter with playful minx, James Kingston. In fact, before you know it we're in the midst of pure fantasy; with the cute, young swimmer now lying face-down and lifel....View Video
New Years Fuck Maskurbate
On New Year's Eve, Marty went to see his friend Jeffrey Lloyd who looked like he needed company. Jeffrey was so disappointed that the scene with his idol David Boss got canceled. Marty reached out to him and said: ' I'm here for you, and I'm good too!' Seconds later they were in each other's arms. Featuring Marty (aka Boris Lang), Jeffrey Lloyd. Original release date:....View Video
Do As You Are Told Bromo
If we can be sure of one thing, it's that Jeffrey Lloyd has a delicious ass, and Rob Blond knows exactly how to tame it. Rob shoves his uncut cock in every one of Jeffrey's holes, taking full control with finesse and vigor. Watch Jeffrey and Rob get sweaty and sloppy in this steamy fuck fest! Featuring Rob Blond (aka Boris Lang), Jeffrey Lloyd. Original release date: ....View Video
Dirty Scout 110
I think we all like muscular guys. Especially muscular guys with baby faces. There is something innocent and incredibly naughty about them at the same time. Such a boy came into my office today. He studied physical education at college because it was one of his two biggest passions. The other one was screwing chicks. He had loads of them, obviously. I'm sure he had to....View Video
Booty Bash Bromo
Boris Lang has a burning desire and he's going to take it out on Tomas Salek. Plucked from the streets and taken to an abandoned room, Tomas submits to Boris' probing hands and mouth. When Boris slides his uncut cock, the passion intensifies, until Tomas is cast aside as quickly as he was snatched up. Featuring Tomas Salek, Boris Lang. Original release date: March 5th....View Video
Double Stuff Staxus
Is there anything more enjoyable for a young skater-boy -- other than being on his wheels, of course! -- than to hang out with his mates and share a beer? Well, what about sharing each other's hard cocks? That's certainly the route that this trio of horned-up buddies heads down when Icelandic beauty, Charlie Keller, teams up with Ezra Gibson and Boris Lang for the kin....View Video
Casting Boris Part 1 East Boys
Who wants to see 17in biceps in action? If you do then muscle worship vid with Boris Lang is exactly what doctor ordered. Boris will work out for you naked and show off his spectacular big body, with massive arms, massive pecs. And Mr. Hand Jobs will join the action too eventually, to admire this rock hard body! Featuring Boris Lang. From the web series: Casting Boris....View Video
Casting Boris Part 2 East Boys
Boris Lang spreads his massive body on our massage table, while Mr. Hand Jobs is getting oil ready. Mr. Jobs will then slowly feel Boris' massive thick pecs, moving ever so slowly to his chiseled abs and then even lower, to touch his big thick cock, which will respond and get hard as a steel spring in no time...keep watching what happens next! Do not miss one of the m....View Video
Boris Flexming East Boys
Boris Lang is back, proud to show his gains, his massive muscled body tightly filling his shirts and shorts, his muscles bulging. After some workout and flexing Mr. Hand Jobs appears to offer helping hand, because we are always here eager to help ! Something tells me there may be more to come! Featuring Boris Lang. Original release date: January 7th, 2018.View Video
Boris Handjob East Boys
Boris Lang, big and muscular, was scheduled for a full body tuneup. Mr. Hand Jobs is taking time to feel and massage every body part, paying particular attention to Boris' massive cock, still hiding in his shorts. Eventually cock comes out and Mr. Jobs is using both hands to properly jerk it off. Hot hot video you should not miss! Featuring Boris Lang. Original releas....View Video
Boris Tied Up East Boys
Who likes bondage? Boris Lang on a sofa with handcuffs and blindfolded, is awaiting anxiously his ordeal...he can only hope it will be pleasant experience, and you can bet it will be! Mr. Hand Jobs knows how to make Boris' life exciting. See what happens before you will see a proper cumshot! Featuring Boris Lang. Original release date: March 31st, 2018.View Video
Petr Jarena William Higgins
Petr Jarena is aged 22 and lives in Prague. This well built str8 guy is a student who enjoys sports, ice-hockey and fitness. He looks good as he sits on the bed, smiling, and doing his interview. He reveals a lot in his interview, including trying sex with a guy. Then Petr stands and starts to feel his body. Posing in front of the mirror his hands run over the body an....View Video
Petr and Martin William Higgins
Petr Jarena is a fabulous looking str8 guy. In this scene he gets his hot Cherry Busted. He sits on the bed and does a lovely interview and then he takes off his tee shirt and, following directions, begins to flex and pose. Then he is asked about any experiences with a guy. He says he has no experience but is happy to try something small with Martin Hovor, another hot....View Video
Marty Fucks Sam Maskurbate
Young Marty saw real estate broker Sam Cuthan's performance on Maskurbate. He decided to go see him to rent an apartment and offer him an indecent proposal. Featuring Marty (aka Boris Lang), Sam Cuthan (aka Tomas Salek). Original release date: May 29th, 2018.View Video
Petr and Miro William Higgins
In a wonderful Dreamset, suggested by Floris, we have two very hot straight guys Petr Jarena and Miro Dalek. They both come into the room and collapse onto the bed. Petr says he is very tired and asks Miro to massage him. Miro is happy to avoid and straddles Petr and massages his shoulders. He leans forward and gently kisses his ear. He nuzzles and nibbles the ear and....View Video
Wank Party 98 Part 1 William Higgins
We have a great cast in Wank Party #98, Tomas Salek Petr Jarena, Petr Ujen and Kristof Trnka. In this first part Tomas and Petr J are bare chested and walking in the park. Petr U runs up to join them, apologising for being late. As the continue walking they wonder where Kristof is, but not for long as he quickly joins them. The four of them go back to the apartment an....View Video
Drained Top Bromo
Nico runs into chiseled babe, Boris Lang, and can't keep his hands to himself. At first, Boris is reluctant to participate, but his cock says different as Nico starts fondling him. The athletic, bearded hunk leads Boris indoors, where they get to sucking and pleasing each other's equally big dicks. Nico can't wait to get inside that perfect ass so he can bust his load....View Video
Gordon and Patrik Twinks in Shorts
At a warm and inviting local day spa, Gordon Grant awaits his first client of the day. But first, a few words about this hot, amazing hunk. Short and compact, the beefy muscled hunk has an appealing boyish face but don't let that fool you. Gordon is a powerhouse and looks terrific in or out of clothes. So, for those of you who are into muscle, this hunk's got it all. ....View Video
Gordon and Jay Twinks in Shorts
After a long day at the spa giving massages to pretty, sexy twinks, there is nothing blond muscle hunk Gordon Grant likes more than a steamy shower. Except he finds Jay Sheen there, already wet and ready to be lathered. What's a beefy hung guy to do but join in on the fun? In a shower scene that is as sensual and romantic as it is cock-rousing, muscled Gordon gives sl....View Video
Gordon and Mike Part 1 Twinks in Shorts
In a smoldering scene between hunk and twink, so hot we have to present in two parts, blond muscle hunk Gordon Grant preps his work station for tall and slender Mike Wilde. The sexy, handsome twink is in desperate need of a massage. As soon as he lays down, Mike gets his hands slippery with oil and gets to work, tenderly kneading all the places where Mike is feeling p....View Video
Gordon and Mike Part 2 Twinks in Shorts
Blond muscle hunk Gordon Grant stretched Mike Wilde's hole open with a big black dildo in part one of this hot and steamy scene. Now, in part two, the cock-rousing action continues right from the start, with Gordon working his big uncut dick up Mike's twink hole. Gordon proceeds to fuck Mike, while the toy lies nearby, all but forgotten. When Mike straddles Gordon, to....View Video
Dan and Gordan Twinks in Shorts
After a long day of giving massages, blond muscle hunk Gordon Grant comes home to his boyfriend, Dan Rogers, another hunky blond eager to make Gordon feel better. And there's no better way to make your boyfriend feel better than by giving him a massage! Out comes the oil. Dan straddles Gordon, gets him all slippery, and gets to work. He rubs his hands up and down Gord....View Video
Two Pairs of Hands Part 1 Twinks in Shorts
Super hung twink Tommy Poulain needs a massage and he needs it bad. Which is why he's getting not one, but two pairs of hands on his perfect, twink body. Wearing a pair of sexy, red silk undies, he immediately lies face down and Justin White, together with Gordon Grant, get to work. Gordon takes Tommy's upper body, running his strong hands up and down the twink's back....View Video
Two Pairs of Hands Part 2 Twinks in Shorts
In part one of a scene so hot we split it into two, Justin White and Gordon Grant satisfy their perverse urges and gorge themselves sucking Tommy Poulain's twink cock -- and each other -- as well as massing his lovely body. Now, in part two, tall and lanky Justin decides he needs to play monkey in the middle. On his back with Tommy pumping his face full of thick young....View Video
Ricky and Marty UK Naked Men
Marty Lang (aka Boris Lang), our favourite strawberry blond is getting nailed and the guy wielding the big, fat juicy dick is shaven headed thug fucker Ricky Dawson, so you know this session of butt-pluggin' fun is gonna be hot n squelchy. The boys are in the army rec room, but they're not in uniform for long, after admiring and groping each others bulges. Original re....View Video
The Hottest Twinks in Shorts
Martin Hovor is masturbating while watching porn on his phone. He's stroking a big uncut cock and looks like he just might come when Gordon Grant and Benny Walsh walk in. Hunky blond Gordon and sweet, adorable Benny tease Martin. Why watch porn when they can put on a live sex show? Naturally, Martin is thrilled! Gordon and Benny strip down, get into bed, and start mak....View Video
Double Dipping Bromo
Chiseled babe Ryan is horny and ready to fuck! Who better to suck the tattooed hunk's huge, uncut cock but muscular stud Boris Lang. Grey-eyed Boris inhales his cock until he's instructed to insert his big dick inside of Ryan's eager hole. They flip flop and soon Ryan is taking in a mouthful of cock before ramming Boris's sweet hole. Featuring Boris Lang, Ryan Cage. O....View Video
Wank Party 98 Part 2 William Higgins
Wank Party #98 features for 4 great guys, Tomas Salek, Petr Jarena, Kristof Trnka, and Petr Ujen. This second part opens as Tomas' rock hard cock is entering Petr U's tight ass. Tomas fucks that hot ass with long, deep strokes for a while, then he pulls out and a second cock slides in. Petr J fucks Petr U's tight ass as Tomas moves over to suck on Kristof's dick. Then....View Video
Tomas and Petr William Higgins
Two hunky str8 guys Tomas Salek and Petr Jarena give us a great scene. They are both just wearing underwear and showing off their awesome bodies as they feel each other all over. They kiss as their hands roam everywhere. Cocks get hard in the underwear as they are groped. Petr slides a hand into Tomas' underwear to feel his ass cheeks as they continue to feel each oth....View Video