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Daryl ChaosMen
Daryl recently moved from Louisiana to Texas, so was looking for some extra cash as he got settled. Besides having a handsome face and a fantastic body, he has a 9+ inch dick that puts him solidly in Monster Cock week. He is straight and I didn't really get a vibe that he wanted to do more. I think it will depend on how his personal training business goes. It would be....View Video
Daryl and Bryan ChaosMen
Daryl hit me up a week or so after his solo saying he would like to have his dick sucked on camera, but might want to try it first off camera. I just kind of ignored the 'practice' part he suggested, mainly because I think he wanted to get paid to 'practice'. I actually don't remember if this was his first time getting sucked off by a guy. He was nervous, but my guess....View Video